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After an aluminum plate has been embossed, manufacturers can choose from two types of systems to colour the raised lettering. We understand that these systems are business critical, and we therefore offer "service exchange" to ensure that there is minimal downtown during servicing and repair.


Bring the hot foiler up to the required heat. The foiling roll must be threaded through the machine. Regulation colours are available from NNPR. Place the previously embossed metal plate (see embossing equipment) between the base and the roller and feed the edge through. The plate feeds quickly and automatically through the machine, and the colour is added to the raised areas giving a high quality finish.


Squeeze 1 tablespoon of paint onto the moving roller. This system uses standard printing inks and solvents that are easily available. The embossed number plate is drawn automatically through the system at the right speed. The painter roller system operates with electricity or battery. The entire process is easy to learn and takes less than a minute per plate! The system is cost-effective and gives good quality results.


Ink and foils are available from NNPR in the correct, regulation colours:
  • Western Cape: Black on white (Black on yellow still legal)
  • KwaZulu-Natal: Blue on white (Green on white for personalised plates)
  • Mpumalanga: Black on white stylised rising sun
  • Eastern Cape: Black on graphic elephant and aloe
  • Limpopo: Black on white baobab tree and provincial crest
  • Gauteng: Blue on white provincial crest
  • Northern Cape: Green on white gemsbok and sand dune
  • Free State: Black on graphic cheetah
  • North West: Black on graphic maize cob, elephant, sunflower and mine shaft