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Plastic number plate produced on the NNPR Combo press. NNPR supplies SABS approved blanks as well as dies and 3M reflective backing.

The new and improved NNPR Combo is the popular choice when it comes to Number Plate equipment. This embossing machine is capable of producing:

  • Non-Paint Aluminium Number Plates
  • Painted Aluminium Number Plates
  • Acrylic/ Plastic Number Plates.

All you need to do is to use the correct dies and setting boards for the required type of number plates that you wish to produce.

The beauty of this machine is that an embosser can start with plastic components only and later upgrade to Aluminium Components - either produce Type A (Painted Aluminium) or Type B (Non-Paint Aluminium Number Plates.

Contact us for a quotation. You will be pleasantly surprised with our cost of equipment.